Summer competition 2022

Wellcome to the Summer Competition 2022

Price: 2 euros each attempt (max 2 attempt)
Prize: 1000Euros to the person who holds the record on October 30, 2022

The game for the competition is named “Sako Finn five”. It consists of 5 different tests.
Test 1: You have 1 shot to shoot down one of the 3 birds perched high up in the trees.
Test 2: You have 3 bullets to try to shoot down a deer.
Test 3: Will you be able to shoot down the bear before it kills you?
Test 4: You have 5 chances to shoot down the moose, but be careful if you shoot down the female you will be penalised.
Test 5: How many boars can you shoot down with another 5 shots?


The final score will take into account accuracy of shots, speed, and lethality. The more shots, the fewer shots and the longer the distance, the higher your score will be.

The use of a scoped rifle is recommended for accuracy, but you can shoot with a shotgun or pistol if you think you will be more accurate.
At the start each shooter will calibrate their weapon and aim, for which they will take a calibration shot and will then be able to check that they have calibrated it accurately in order to demonstrate their aim.

If after shooting you beat the record, you must leave us your contact details (Name, e-mail and/or WhatsApp) so that we can contact you in case you are the winner of the prize.
In case someone beats you before the end of the competition we will send you a photo of the screen with the new record.
The prize may be subject to taxation in accordance with the legislation and taxation in force at the time of completion.

Participation is only possible when the room is free and there is no reserved session. The 30 and 60 minute sessions take precedence over the competition.

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